Air Testing and Balancing Solutions for HVAC Systems

Air Technology Consulting LLC tests, adjusts, and balances HVAC systems for businesses throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, and Plano, TX. Our firm aims to provide state-of-the-art services that allow your system to work at peak performance, resulting in:

  • Lower operating costs

  • Increased system efficiency

  • Improved indoor air quality

  • Better comfort

We assure you that all design objectives are met with the highest standards. Our services include:

  • Testing, Adjusting and Balancing of the HVAC system
  • Commissioning of HVAC systems and controls
  • Performing duct leakage testing on HVAC systems
  • Troubleshooting comfort issues
  • Assisting with indoor air quality issues
Muslim Nazarali
Muslim Nazarali

About Our Founder

Our founder, Muslim F. Nazarali, is certified by several testing and balancing (TAB) associations. He has been involved in the HVAC industry since 1986. He was a member of the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC) and is a member of the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB).

Mr. Nazarali attended college in London and earned a higher diploma in the design of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Also, he completed course work as a refrigeration engineer.

After moving to Dallas to join an air balancing firm as a technician, Mr. Nazarali’s career quickly progressed. He became a project manager. Mr. Nazarali then joined a mechanical company as the control test and balance manager and oversaw quality control for the duct systems. He then joined a consulting firm where he managed the test and balance and commissioning groups. Mr. Nazarali stayed with this company for 15 years.

Under our founder’s leadership, we aim to achieve the following objectives:

Building Commission

To assist business owners in the process of project development, design, construction reviews, functional performance testing, system verification, training documentation, and indoor air quality testing

Test and Balance

To provide HVAC test and balance services through the strategic management and guidance of professional technical personnel and the continuous improvement of operational and administrative processes


Commissioning and Technical Director - Molden Technical & Consulting, Kuwait City (August 2016 to Feburary 2019)
  • Project Management: Review drawings, estimate the projects, interface with general and mechanical contractors, generate the reports, perform field training.
  • Field Operations: Coordinate the scoping meeting, walk the project with general and mechanical contractor’s supervisors and inspect the HVAC, lighting controls and domestic heating water systems.
  • Consulting and Troubleshooting: Assist the building owner, operator and mechanical contractor with and issue related to the HVAC system in the building or the entire facility.
  • Field Training and Development: Introduced a field specific training to improve the skill level and increase the efficiency of the field commissioning and test & balance.
Director of Field Operations - Air Engineering and Testing, Inc. (2003 to July 2016)

Project Management:

  • Bid on projects
  • Coordinated manpower
  • Interfaced with general and mechanical contractors
  • Generated reports
  • Performed field training

Field Operations:

  • Skilled in all phases of HVAC performance testing, adjusting and balancing, including the proportioning of air and hydronic distribution systems

Commissioning Manager:

  • Provided necessary planning, organization, direction, coordination, and control of entire commissioning operations
  • Assisted the owner in the process of project development, design, construction reviews, functional performance, testing system verification, training and documentation
  • Assisted the building operations manager in preparing project design relating to preventative maintenance

Indoor Air Quality

  • Conducted testing and analysis of the building environment
  • Verified the performance and operation of the air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Located and identified potential contaminants that may be detrimental to building occupants
  • Made recommendations on solutions and improvements
TAB Supervisor - Encompass Mechanical of Texas (1998 to 2003)

Field Training and Development:

Introduced a field-specific training to improve the skill level and increase the efficiency of the field test and balance group

Field Operations:

Skilled in all phases of HVAC performance testing, adjusting and balancing, including the proportioning of air and hydronic distribution systems

Intermediate TAB/Control Technician - MIINC Mechanical Contractors, Inc. (1996 to 1998)
  • Laid out the mechanical blue prints, prepared appropriate paper work associated with the job, and performed estimate analysis
  • Tested, balanced, and adjusted HVAC components so that the entire system provides air flows in accordance with design specifications; typical components and system parameters included air-handling units, built-up air handling systems, rooftop units (both VAV and rooftop) ventilation/exhaust systems, VAV and constant volume terminals as well as chilled, hot ,and condenser water systems, including centrifugal pumps
  • Tested and certified fume hoods
  • Installed and piped a variety of pneumatic controls
  • Calculated air balance per square foot and exposure for existing clients who have hot and cold temperatures
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician - Texas Refrigeration and Service, Houston, TX (March 1996 to August 1996)
  • Piped the refrigeration lines
  • Changed oil in the compressors preparing for conversions
  • Reclaimed refrigerants from the system
  • Performed preventative maintenance on the equipment and repaired the systems
Test and Balance Technician for HVAC Systems - ATCO in Plano, TX (1991 to February 1996)
  • Responsible for inspecting newly installed or renovated air conditioning systems
  • Tested and balanced air, hydronic systems, and ventilation/exhaust systems
  • Completed all necessary paperwork associated with each job
Installation and Maintenance Engineer - J.C. Watson Refrigeration Ltd. In London, England (1989 to 1991)
  • Installed basement coolers in bars
  • Repaired ice machines, bottle coolers, display cases, and all associated commercial. refrigeration equipment
  • Serviced refrigerators, freezers, and small window air conditioning units


 National Environmental Balancing Bureau / Associated Air Balance Council
  • Took an air and hydronic study course in testing, adjusting, and balancing in HVAC systems
  • Obtained a NEBB supervisor certification
  • Studied building system commissioning in HVAC and took a plumbing study course, earning a NEBB System Commissioning Administrator (SCA) certification
  • Studied Total System Balance, earning a Test and Balance Engineer certification from the Air Balance Council (AABC)
BTEC Higher National Diploma, London, England
  • 1989 to 1990: Building and designing in Refrigeration and Air conditioning
  • 1987 to 1989: Building and designing in Refrigeration and Air conditioning
  • 1986 to 1987: City and Guilds Certificate in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (Part II), all three levels, passing with distinction
Popatlal Secondary School, Tanga, Tanzania (1982 to 1985)

Mr. Nazarali completed and passed ten “O” levels.


  • AABC Test and Balance Engineer
  • ACG (AABC Commissioning Group) Commissioning Authority
  • EPA-Certified Technician (Type: Universal)
  • AABC Training Committee Member (Assisted in Developing a New Training Manual for the Technicians)
  • NEBB System Commissioning Administrator, SCA and Certified Professional